How To Connect Xbox Controller To iPhone

How to connect an Xbox controller to an iPhone

An Xbox controller can be used with an iPhone to control games, movies, and more. Here are steps on how to connect an Xbox controller to an iPhone. 1) Turn on the Xbox controller by plugging it into an outlet and turning it on. 2) Open the Settings app on …

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5 Best Electric Blanket in 2022

Best Electric Blanket

Best Electric Blanket: If you sleep chilly, want to save money on your heating bill, or just want to feel extra toasty, an electric blanket is the best option for you! We looked at hundreds of electric blankets before narrowing the field down to the top 13, which we then …

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5 Best 12-Inch Laptops in 2022

Best 12-Inch Laptops

Best 12-Inch Laptops: If you remember back only a few years ago, 12-inch computers didn’t even exist. When it comes to power and portability, they’ve overtaken the bigger PCs on the market today.  Consider a stylish, lightweight, and powerful laptop as a replacement for your outdated desktop computer. We’ve compiled …

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