How To Connect Xbox Controller To iPhone

An Xbox controller can be used with an iPhone to control games, movies, and more. Here are steps on how to connect an Xbox controller to an iPhone.

1) Turn on the Xbox controller by plugging it into an outlet and turning it on.

2) Open the Settings app on your iPhone and select Bluetooth.

3) In the Bluetooth list, search for “Xbox 360”

4) Select the Xbox 360 controller from the list and click connect.

5) You will now be able to use the buttons on the Xbox 360 controller to control various aspects of your iPhone.

How To Connect Xbox Controller To iPhone

The iPhone and iPad now resemble standard video game systems after Apple and Apple OS support Xbox One controller and PlayStation 4 controller. We look forward to discussing Xbox One controller in this guide, so head over to our article about it if you have a Dual Shock 4 controller. Regrettably, iOS and Android are not supported by Xbox One-compliant controllers. You’ll require the Xbox.

Whether you don’t want to bother searching for a number on a non-Elite controller, you may determine at a glance if your controller will function by checking for a segmented plate surrounding the Xbox button (as shown in the photographs below) (as seen in the photos below). You’re generally fine to go if your controller doesn’t have one.

The face of the controller will seem like a solid piece if it supports Bluetooth.

Going to make sure the controller works is the trickiest part. It simply takes a few seconds to set it up, and it should work with any game that supports MFi controllers.

Supported Xbox controllers:

  • Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth (Model 1708)
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
  • Xbox Adaptive Controller
  • Xbox Wireless Controller Series S and Series X

How to connect Xbox controller to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, or Mac

  • Go to the Settings menu of your mobile device.
  • Make use of Bluetooth. If Bluetooth isn’t already on, turn it on by clicking the Bluetooth toggle just at top of the next page.
  • Make sure your Xbox One controller is fully charged while the Bluetooth menu is still active. The Xbox logo button should be pressed to turn it on.
  • Hold down the wireless enrollment button on your Xbox One controller for a few seconds. Lights should begin to flash fast when you press the Xbox button. (If your Xbox One controller is already unattached from another device, you can generally skip this step). Once in pairing mode, tapping and holding the Xbox button is all that is required.)
  • The “Xbox Wireless Controller” should appear under Other Devices in the Bluetooth menu on your iPhone or iPad. You can do it by pressing it.
  • After pressing the Xbox button, the light should cease flashing and remain lighted. You’ve successfully linked your Xbox One controller!

How to disconnect your Xbox One controller from your iPhone or iPad

  • Here’s how to switch off the Xbox One controller after you’re done playing with it. Simply press and hold the Xbox button for a short period of time. Control Center on your iPhone or iPad may also be used to turn it off.
  • Swipe diagonally from the top right toward the bottom left to access the Control Center on a Face ID-compatible iPhone. Slide up from the bottom of the screen on a Touch ID-enabled iPhone.
  • Keep your finger just on the blue Bluetooth symbol until it becomes solid blue.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in the option that opens up.
  • In the selections that appear, you should see “Xbox Wireless Controller.” The controller will be disconnected as soon as you press it.
  • This is the (somewhat) less convenient approach:
  • Then, in the Settings app, choose Bluetooth from the Bluetooth drop-down menu.
  • “Xbox Wireless Controller” is listed in My Devices. A blue circle encircles the letter I on the right. You can do it by pressing it.
  • Disconnect will appear in the pop-up menu. Stopping the controller from operating should be an urgent priority.

When you switch on your console and controller, you’ll be able to attach your controller to your console. Within 20 seconds after pressing the Xbox pairing button, press and hold the controller pairing button.

When in doubt, detach the Xbox controller from the iPhone, and if it doesn’t work, plug in the USB cord for an immediate connection.

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