How To Get ITunes On Chromebook in 2022

If you’re a Chromebook user looking to add Apple Music and other iTunes-compatible apps to your device, there are a few methods available. The simplest way is to use an external iTunes library. To do this, connect your Chromebook to the internet and open the Files app. From here, click on “Connect to Library” and enter the URL of your external iTunes library. After accessing the library, select any songs or albums you want to add to your Chromebook and drag them into the appropriate folder on your computer.

Use Linux Or Wine To Install iTunes Directly Into Your Chromebook

  • Install Linux on your Chromebook. I’m working on a guide to install Linux on Chromebook and will update this post with a link when I finish. Until then, a Google search will help.
  • In your Linux installation, install PlayOnLinux (or Wine)
  • Open the PlayOnLinux app
  • Click install and search for iTunes
  • Select the iTunes version
  • The PlayOnLinux installation wizard will guide you through the iTunes installation

How To Upload Your iTunes Music Library Into Google Play

Step 1

To start, you’ll have to direct your web browser to Login to your Google account, then click “Upload Music” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2

On the next page, click the orange “Download Music Manager” button. Follow the installation instructions to get the music manager on you/ computer.

Step 3

Once installed, the Music Manager will ask you where you keep your music collection. Select iTunes, then click “Next.” The manager will then go through your iTunes library and upload your songs and playlists to Google Play. There is a 20,000 song limit, but the service is completely free.

Step 4

Download the Google Play Music app on your Chromebook and connect it to your Google account. You will be able to stream your entire music library from the device. You will also be able to play your music from the Google Play web player.

How To Create Shortcuts For iTunes On Chromebook?

Step 1. Go to file manager and open the Linux file directory. Then click on the three-dot button which will be found in the upper right corner and select show hidden files.

Step 2. Navigate the following file path to locate iTunes.

.local > share > application > wine > program files > iTunes.
Step 3. Now, you will see “iTunes. desktop”. Click right on it and select open with text.

Step 4. When the editor opens, run the following command before the line starts with “Exec=” to give it a path. Make sure before running the command you replace the username with the actual one.

env WINEPREFIX=”/home/your-user-name/.wine32″ wine “/home/username/.wine32/drive_c/Program Files/iTunes/iTunes.exe”
Step 5. Now save the text editor using the shortcode Ctrl+S.

Step 6. All done, you can access the iTunes from app drawer and listen to millions of songs.

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